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The Colors of Kappa Alpha Psi are Crimson and Cream.

Our Colors

In this section you will find the official descriptions of the color combinations that are permitted for representing Kappa Alpha Psi in any media: print, digital, textile and audio visual.

Colors: Crimson & Cream
The following are the official colors of Kappa Alpha Psi
Alternate #1: Red & White
The first alternate colors for print, digital, textile and other media.
Alternate #2: Crimson & Cream Digital Alternate
The second alternate colors for digital graphics, web, applications & app.
Cream Alt.

Suggested Color Palette

These color palettes complement our "Crimson & Cream" and should be used when creating publications, media, logos, websites, social media exhibits, paraphernalia and any other artifacts with a visual component.

Color Systems & Definitions

The following systems are used to define colors for various types of media. Any attempted definition of these systems that uses plain English to describe a color ("-ish", dark or light) to define colors is inaccurate and less useful than these definitions which use precise numeric values that cannot be confused to represent colors. How we perceive colors is subjective and no standard can be derived from an simple English language description. The following systems allow us to precisely and consistently define colors and this is how our colors should be communicated to Brothers, to other organizations, our vendors, contractors & suppliers, the media and the general public.


Hexadecimal color system is color model that use three, two digit hexadecimal numbers (base 16) to describe the levels of Red, Green and Blue within a color.

Red Green Blue (RGB & RGBA)

Red Green Blue (RGB or RGBA) color values use three, decimals ranging from 0 to 255 to describe the levels of Red, Green and Blue within a color. RGBA includes one additional decimal value named the "Alpha value" ranging from 0 to 1 defining the opacity of the color.


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black) is a color model that is primarily used in color printing. If you've ever seen a color ink-jet printing cartridge, they are most commonly calibrated using this color system.

Pantone ®

Pantone ® color system is a proprietary system that was created by Pantone Inc in 1963. There are two color systems under the Pantone ® System: THE PANTONE ® GRAPHICS SYSTEM (for paper, plastic packaging and digital media) and THE PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS SYSTEM (for textiles, coatings and pigments, plastic items). From Pantone: "When a C or U follows the color number, you are using the Graphics System" and "'TCX' references textile, while 'TPG' references pigments and coatings". If a vendor requires Pantone color codes they will usually use another color system or a color match from an existing item to base their translation of a color to an appropriate Pantone color code.

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