Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed. These typefaces complement our brand and should be used when creating publications, media, logos, websites, social media exhibits, paraphernalia and any other artifacts with a visual component. Fonts must be licensed, if they are not included with your media creation or editing tools, then they must be licensed. The links below are to sites where the fonts can be licensed and referenced.

Standard Header Font Trajan Pro Regular

Graphic Trajan Pro Regular Lorem Ipsum Sample

Formal Header Font Cloister Black

Cloister Black Regular Lorem Ipsum Sample

Primary Typeface “Source Sans Pro”

The primary typeface for use is “Source Sans Pro”. This is for headings within the content of a document after the title.


Secondary Typeface “Open Sans”

The secondary typeface for use is “Open Sans”. This is for the content of a document, including paragraph text.


Tertiary Typeface “Roboto”

The tertiary typeface for use is “Roboto”. This is for footnotes, asides and references or supplementary text in a document.

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