Kappa Alpha Psi Brand Guide

Brand Guide for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.


The Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Brand Guide


A message from the Executive Director of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. for Brothers, Vendors to this publication.

Portrait of Executive Director John Burrell
John F. Burrell, ATC
Executive Director

The Kappa Alpha Psi® image is more than just the Greek letters KAΨ and our commitment to Achievement through ΦNΠ. The Kappa Alpha Psi® brand is not only who we are as an organization but also who we want to be as leaders and how we are perceived by the world—all at the same time.

The Founders of our fraternity exercised great care and reasoning in the development of our image and subsequent leaders have built upon this foundation. Our reputation is the intangible yet valuable assets we possess and it should always be managed carefully and our name and brand used appropriately.

The Kappa “brand” is experienced every time our fraternity engages on the college/university campus and in the greater community and world. With the interaction with a student, professor, university administrator, prospect, a local business, church or organization, our brand must be consistent and positive. Whether the person sees the brand in official communication, on a website or social media, in person or during a community service event, each encounter is an opportunity to make an impression that is not only long-lasting but positive. The Kappa Alpha Psi® brand and communications should always be a reflection of our “Achievements in every field of human endeavor.”

The purpose of brand guidelines is to ensure that everyone responsible for communicating on behalf of Kappa Alpha Psi® is consistent in the usage of marks and words that represent our organization. The appropriate and proper repetition of our brand elements allows people to know they are receiving official Kappa communications. Our brand materials are also designed to best represent the values and legacy of our organization when used properly. The misuse of our name and likeness in a way that is inconsistent with brand guidelines erodes the power of our brand and its impact. Therefore, always refer to the brand guidelines when communicating to all audiences, even internally.

The official brand identity for Kappa Alpha Psi® has been developed since the founding of the fraternity. There have been some refinements to usage to be applicable to today’s mediums and standards. While the guidelines cover most situations, there may be times when further clarification is required. In those cases, always contact International Headquarters for the proper way to represent our brand.

Signature of Executive Director John Burrell
John F. Burrell, Executive Director


The Purpose of this publication is to establish and maintain an accessible & authoritative definition of the brand of Kappa Alpha Psi. The Brand represented herein has been determined to be consistent with the fundamental purpose of KAPPA and complementary to the pursuit of the Five Objectives of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Kappa Alpha Psi

Kappa Alpha Psi, a college Fraternity, was founding on January 5, 1911. The Fraternity was founded in 1911 with the motto of "Achievement In Every Field Of Human Endeavor".

This is Kappa Alpha Psi

Every member commits to the five objectives of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. which are:

The commitment to achievement and fulfilling our objectives is synonymous with the fraternity, it's chapters, related entities and most importantly each and every member of Kappa Alpha Psi.


Kappa Alpha Psi (K A Ψ) is a college Greek Letter Fraternal Organzation.


Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. is not only identified by it's name. Kappa is also identified by names and marks that are officially recognized by United States law as intellectual property of the Fraternity as registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Our Letters

The Greek letters, in specific order the letters Kappa, Alpha and Psi represent the name of the Fraternity and the fraternal bond it's members share.

Written Form

When used in prose, poetry, official documents, certificates and awards we prefer that Kappa Alpha Psi be written out without the registered trademark as "Kappa Alpha Psi"..
In any textual representation where it is uses as a tradmark for particular goods and servives we prefer that Kappa Alpha Psi be written out as "Kappa Alpha Psi".

Greek Letter & Graphical Form

The graphical represntation of the Greek Letters is the capitalized version of the greek Letters Kappa (K), Alpha (A) and Psi (Ψ). This should be written as "KAΨ".
The letters should be displayed in souvenirs and Kappa Alpha Psi specific apparel using non-print, non-screen printed represenations of Crimson on Cream, Cream on Crimson or some format of Crimson and Cream or Cream and Crimson.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Historically, a Coat of Arms identifies an integenerational institution.
College greek letter organizations and social societies are no exception.


No person or entity can reproduce registered trademarks for profit without a current vendors license. Kappa Alpha Psi International Headquarters will act to prosecute any violators of these registered trademarks.

Number Mark Description
5,803,353 NUPE
Coat Of Arms
Coat of Arms
Kappa, Alpha Psi (& Design) -Diamond containing the Greek letters Kappa, Alpha in capital letters, and Psi surrounding a scroll containing the Greek letters Phi, Nu and Pi.
The "Yo"
Number Mark Description
Capital letter "Psi"
88/007,213 KAPPA
88/007,174 KAPPA LEAGUE
5,112,430 GUIDE RIGHT
5,112,429 KAPPA LEAGUE
5,112,430 GUIDE RIGHT
5,295,540 KAPPA KAMP


The Colors of Kappa Alpha Psi are Crimson and Cream. In this section you will find the official descriptions of the color combinations that are permitted for representing Kappa Alpha Psi in any media: print, digital, textile and audio visual.

Color Systems & Definitions

The following systems are used to define colors for various types of media. Any attempted definition of these systems that uses plain english to describe a color ("-ish", dark or light) to define colors is inaccurate and less useful than these definitions which use precise numeric values that cannot be confused to represent colors. How we percieve colors is subjective and no standard can be derived from an simple english language description. The following systems allow us to precisely and consistently define colors and this is how our colors should be communicated to Brothers, to other organizations, our vendors, contractors & suppliers, the media and the general public.


Hexadecimal color system is color model that use three, two digit hexadecimal numbers (base 16) to describe the levels of Red, Green and Blue within a color.

Red Green Blue (RGB & RGBA)

Red Green Blue (RGB or RGBA) color values use three, decimals ranging from 0 to 255 to describe the levels of Red, Green and Blue within a color. RGBA includes one additional decimal value named the "Alpha value" ranging from 0 to 1 defining the opacity of the color.


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black) is a color model that is primarily used in color printing. If you've ever seen a color ink-jet printing cartridge, they are most commonly calibarated using this color system.

Pantone ®

Pantone ® color system is a proprietary system that was created by Pantone Inc in 1963. There are two color systems under the Pantone ® System: THE PANTONE ® GRAPHICS SYSTEM (for paper, plastic packaging and digital media) and THE PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS SYSTEM (for textiles, coatings and pigments, plastic items). From Pantone: "When a C or U follows the color number, you are using the Graphics System" and "'TCX' references textile, while 'TPG' references pigments and coatings". If a vendor requires Pantone color codes they will usually use another color system or a color match from an existing item to base their translation of a color to an appropriate Pantone color code.

Colors: Crimson & Cream

The following are the official colors of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Alternate #1: Red & White

The first alternate colors for print, digital, textile and other media.

Alternate #2: Crimson & Cream Alt.

The second alternate colors for print, digital, textile and other media.

Cream Alt.

Suggested Color Palettes

These color palettes complement our "Crimson & Cream" and should be used when creating publications, media, logos, websites, social media exhibits, paraphernalia and any other artifacts with a visual component.


Kappamen are "noble and bold". Our written word reflects that. The typography scheme is any communication through written word.

Official Header Font Trajan Pro Regular

Calligraphy Header Font Cloister Black

Primary Typeface "Source Sans Pro"

The primary typeface for use is "Source Sans Pro". This is for headings within the content of a document after the title.


Secondary Typeface "Open Sans"

The secondary typeface for use is "Open Sans". This is for the content of a document, including paragraph text.


Tertiary Typeface "Roboto"

The tertiary typeface for use is "Roboto". This is for footnotes, asides and references or supplementary text in a document.



Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. has numerous entities which are established and/or operate independently of the fraternity, but are constitutionally bound to assit with the objectives and programs of the fraternity. These entities all have their own established brands.

Fraternal Entities

These entities are mandated by the fraternity and have an international purview.

Grand Chapter

The Grand Chapter is the entire body of initiated membership of the fraternity. The elected leader of the Grand Board of Directors and the fraternity is the Grand Polemarch. The governing body is the Grand Board of Directors.

Guide Right

Guide Right encompasses many of our youth oriented programs such as mentoring, college preparatory programs, and tutoring. However, the Flagship Initiative of the Guide Right Service Program is the Kappa Leadership Development League (Kappa League). Guide Right is a program of the educational and occupational guidance of youth, primarily inspirational and informative in character. The purposes of the Guide Right Service Program is to place the training experience and friendly interest of successful men at the disposal of youth needing inspiration and counsel regarding their choice of a life’s career, and to arouse the interest of the entire community in the problems of youth as they seek to realize lives of usefulness.

Kappa League

Kappa League is a subset of the Guide Right, our National Service Initiative. Kappa League is a program for the educational, occupational and social guidance of male students in grades 6th-12th.

Achievement Academy

The Achievement Academy is designed to enhance the social, professional, and leadership experiences of the collegiate members in the Fraternity. The vehicle by which this is to be accomplished is through the development of vibrant mentoring and coaching opportunities that empower and enhance their agency. Our central foci are to ensure retention and graduation of our members while fostering an understanding of the steps necessary that lead to advanced degree opportunities and successful transition toward their career paths.

The Kappa Foundation 501(c)3

The Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation, Incorporated exists as the philanthropic arm of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated. The VISION of the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation: To become the premier Greek letter Foundation in its resources and services to the community. The MISSION of the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation: To provide support for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated members and others in service to communities with particular emphasis on African-American communities. The priority purpose of the Foundation is to raise money to award grants for community projects which are intended to enhance the lives and status of the underclass of our society. All grants are restricted to non-profit entities.

Membership Training Academy

The official training program for aspirants to membership in Kappa Alpha Psi.

Senior Kappa Affairs

The purpose of the Senior Kappa Affairs Endowment Fund is to raise funds to provide financial resources to fund increased and sustainable programs and services for senior members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
"It’s time that we support those that have served Kappa the longest…"


Kappa Alpha Psi Commission on Military and Veterans Affairs was established with the goal of the Commission to offer programs and services related to the needs of Veterans. Veterans have made an important contribution to the community by their service in the Armed Forces of this Nation, and Kappa Alpha Psi is committed to showing its commitment and support for all of its brothers who have served.

Undergraduate Leadership Institute

The Undergraduate Leadership Institute is a highly structured and intense leadership experience designed to increase undergraduates’ capacity to lead in multiple contexts – in the fraternity, on campus, and/or in their communities.


As an international organization Kappa Alpha Psi is comprised of twelve (12) Provinces organized for governance and management of all chapters within it's purview. Each of these provinces has an official logo bearing trademarks of Kappa Alpha Psi.
Each province is governed by a Province Board of Ddirectors and led by a Province Polemarch appointed by the Grand Polemarch.

Province Map

Use the map to get a general idea of the province location and territory. International chapters are listed in the labels around the map.

Read more about the Provinces of Kappa Alpha Psi at kappaalphapsi.org/provinces/.

East Central
East Central Province Logo

Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Visit the East Central Province Online for more information. http://ecpkapsi.com/

Eastern Province Logo

District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Bermuda

Visit the Eastern Province Online for more information. https://www.epkapsi.org

Middle Eastern
Middle Eastern Logo

North Carolina, Southern West Virginia

Visit the Middle Eastern Province Online for more information. http://mekapsi.org/

Middle Western
Middle Western Logo

Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma

Visit the Middle Western Province Online for more information. http://www.kapsimwp.com/

North Central
North Central Province

Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Visit the North Central Province Online for more information. http://kapsi-ncp.org/

Northeastern Province

Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Germany, United Kingdom

Visit the Northeastern Province Online for more information. https://KAPsiNEP.org/

Northern Province

Northwest Ohio, Michigan, Western New York

Visit the Northern Province Online for more information. http://kapsi-np.org/

South Central
South Central

Kentucky, Tennessee, Northern Mississippi

Visit the South Central Province Online for more information. https://www.scpkapsi.org/


Georgia, South Carolina, South Africa, Nigeria, Abu Dhabi

Visit the Southeastern Province Online for more information. http://southeasternprovince.org/


Alabama, Florida, Grand Bahamas, Republic of Panama, United States Virgin Islands

Visit the Southern Province Online for more information. http://southernprovince.org/


Arkansas, Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas

Visit the Southwestern Province Online for more information. http://www.southwesternprovince1911.org/


Arizona, California, Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Hawaii, Japan, Republic of South Korea

Visit the Western Province Online for more information. https://www.kapsi-western.org/

Content Guide

How members of Kappa Alpha Psi may use the fraternity's identity, symbols and brand components when creating digital, paraphernalia print and textile content.


Coming soon.


Animations, Audio and Video can be memorable additions for marketing, historical purposes. No website or social media campaign should auto-play any multimedia.



Slideshows can be developed using Microsoft Power Point, Apple Keynote or Google Slides using Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and iOS and Android devices.
Power Point slides can be viewed using the mobile of Power Point.
Apple Keynote slides can be viewed using the free mobile Keynote app on iOS devices.
Google Slides can be viewed using the free mobile apps available for iOS or Android devices or using the slides.google.com app in the browser.


Infographics should be easy to read, accompanied by explanatory, analogous text the permits pages to be read by screen readers.


Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi have been on the forefront of using video and audio to record and display fraternity activity. All audio should be clearly identified on the internet resource that provides the audio file and the audio program itself should indicate the publishing entity, the participants in the program and the purpose of the publication.


Kappa Klassics album by Anthony Patrick and Jonathan Hicks may be streamed or purchased and downloaded on BandCamp ® at https://kappaklassiks.bandcamp.com/album/kappa-klassics.


Podcasts are a series or mini-series of audio programs available over the internet that a user can subscribe to by means of syndication software. Podcasts may also be in video format. Podcasts should be submitted to be listed in the Apple ® Music, Google Play ® and Stitcher ® podcast directories.


Video may be hosted via a chapters web hosting provider, possibly requiring increased bandwidth limits, or using video media sites including but not limited to YouTube ®, Vimeo ®, Instagram ®, Facebook ® Live and more.


Development Standards

Development standards for websites.


A responsive website can be rendered, navigated and utilized on many different combinations of devices and browsers.

  • Browser compatibility – the website should be accessible by different versions of the most common web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)

An Accessible website can support browsers outfitted with functionality that allows users with disabilities to use your website and allows all users to load, view, understand and use the site with ease.
Web accessibility encompasses all disabilities that affect access to the Web, including:

Web accessibility also benefits people without disabilities, for example:

  • people using mobile phones, smart watches, smart TVs, and other devices with small screens, different input modes, etc.
  • older people with changing abilities due to ageing
  • people with “temporary disabilities” such as a broken arm or lost glasses
  • people with “situational limitations” such as in bright sunlight or in an environment where they cannot listen to audio
  • people using a slow Internet connection, or who have limited or expensive bandwidth

A navigable website should allow a user to browse to, bookmark and exit from any page or exhibit on the website.


Websites, related databases and media should be backed up regularly.



Innovation & Technology

Does the website stand out from other province or alumni/undergraduate chapter websites? If the answer is yes then the site is original.


A supportable website can be maintained and upgraded to protect user data and secure the site from malicious intent.

Chapter & Related Entity Websites

Chapter Certification Procedure

The Chapter must submit its Website Link and the names, emails and phone numbers of the primary and secondary web masters. If there is a third party vendor responsible for the website and its content, the same contact information for the vendor should be submitted as well. If the chapter has a Kappa League with its own website, the same contact information must be submitted for the person and/or company responsible for its contents. Documentation must be included, signed by the Polemarch, Vice Polemarch, KOR, KOE of the Chapter, all Webmasters and where applicable, the Advisor, stating that each member of the Chapter understands that:

Social Media

Social media sites have become increasingly popular in the 21st century. Social Media is used by leadership and the general membership to publicize Kappa Alpha Psi's and it's member's events, achievements, milestones and initiatives to the general public and to foster ready communication and inquiry between the interested public and the fraternity.


Social media is defined as the websites, applications and mobile apps used for multimedia communication . Examples of such websites include, but are not limited to:


Information sent over the Internet is (typically) insecure and can eventually find its way into the public domain. This exposure is also applicable to “closed sites” such as “chat rooms” and "private sites".

Members are encouraged to exercise extra due diligence when placing material at social media sites and should assume that it will be transmitted to the public notwithstanding any privacy controls.


The following rules must be followed for any account and any post from a chapter, officer or member of Kappa Alpha Psi.


In this section vendors can review information and find out how to apply for licenses to manufacture or distribute paraphernalia and souvenirs using the trademarks of Kappa Alpha Psi. Please be advised that any vendor must be issued a vendor’s license to sell items bearing the trademarks of the Fraternity.


Guidelines for various paraphernalia including clothing, souvenir and novelty items and official Kappa Alpha Psi apparel.

Official Kappa Alpha Psi Apparel

Official Kappa Alpha Psi apparel is sold via the fraternity's preferred vendor Nupe Mall. You can visit this vendor at NupeMall.com and browse to the official paraphernalia section.

Apparel and Souvenirs

All apparel and souvenir retailers and manufacturers must be licensed to create clothing using the trademarks of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Permitted Uses

Apparel Paraphernalia must use the color combinations as defined in this document namely "Crimson and White" or "Red and White". "Crimson and Cream" is not recommended for paraphenalia as the cream color is not consistently rendered on different fabrics.

Prohibited Uses

The following are prohibited uses of trademarks of Kappa Alpha Psi. The intellectual property violations should be referred immediately to the Vendor Management Team at IHQ. Under no certain terms should Brothers purchase an item designed in this format.

No Camoflauge
Photo of Prohibited Use: No Camoflauge
No Graphic Prints
Photo of Prohibited Use: No Graphic Prints
No Black
Photo of Prohibited Use: No Black
No "Scroller"
Photo of Prohibited Use: No use of 'Scroller'
No Silver
Photo of Prohibited Use: No Silver


Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized vender of products bearing Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.


A vendor’s license authorizes the licensee to sell the approved goods to active members of the Fraternity and is only issued for products which sustain and enhance the image of the Fraternity. The Fraternity reserves the right to revoke or terminate any vendor license should the items sold, in the Fraternity’s sole discretion, (i) promote a negative image; (ii) include designs or marks that infringe upon another’s intellectual property; (iii) are immoral or are in poor taste; (iv) tarnish the Fraternity’s good will, name or trademarks; or (v) are contrary to the views and standards of the Fraternity. A vendor’s license does not include the right to use the individual or collective names, likenesses or images of the Fraternity Founders.

The Fraternity vigorously monitors those selling products bearing the Fraternity’s trademarks and from time-to-time authorized vendors are listed in official publications of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. including, but not limited to the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions must be adhered to by any and all vendors. A failure to abide by the terms of the license and rules implemented by the Fraternity may result in termination of the vendor’s license and the forfeiture of all fees paid to the Fraternity. Moreover, violators of the License Agreement may be sued in federal court for trademark infringement and/or unfair competition.

Misuse Prohibited

We are not authorized to use the trademark rabbit head or any facimile resembling a rabbit head. For More information click here to read the July 2004 orders from Past Grand Polemarch Sam Hamilton.


Any vendor found in violation of any of the following rules will have their vendor's license revoked immediately, all vendors fees will be forfeit. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. reserves the right to pursue legal action for any licensee, license or vendor violation.

Liability Waiver

It is expressly understood and agreed by vendor that Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, inc., its managers, officers, members, sponsors, employees, or agents, shall not be liable for loss, theft or damage to the goods or properties of vendors


To be an officially licensed vendor of Kappa Alpha Psi you must apply.

Application Process

You may apply for the vendor’s license by completing the "Application for Vendor License" and sending to this office, samples, preferably clear photographs, of each item you wish to be licensed to sell. The license is valid for one calendar year from the date of approval. You may not use another vendor’s license, nor may a vendor allow another to use his/her license, to sell goods bearing the trademarks of the Fraternity.

If your application is approved, you will be required to abide to the terms of our relationship and specifically setting out the merchandise bearing the Fraternity’s trademarks that you are authorized to sell. Please note that there will be additional fees for booth and/or exhibit space at meetings and conferences of the Fraternity.

Step 1: Complete Application

Download & Complete the "Application For Vendor License

 Click to Download

Step 2: Send Application and Fee

Send the Application For Vendor License" to Kappa Alpha Psi International Headquarters. Completed applications may be submitted to Kappa Alpha Psi by one of the following methods:

  • By Email (Preferred): rpeterson@kappaalphapsi1911.com
  • By Mail: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. International Headquarters
    2322-24 North Broad Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19132
    Attn: Robert Peterson III
  • By Fax: 215-228-7181
    Attn: Robert Peterson III

Licensed Vendor Directory

If you would like to purchase paraphernalia, jewelry or other Kappa Alpha Psi branded items, you can view the official directory published at https://kappaalphapsi1911.com/page/Vendor

Media Kit

Guidelines for public relations, media & news professionals


Kappa Alpha Psi international head quarters is located at 2322-24 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19132-4590. The Press Secretary of Kappa Alpha Psi can be contacted via info@kappaalphapsi1911.com

National Events

The Fraternity and it's related entities host a variety of events on a recurring basis.

Grand Chapter Meetings & Conclave biennial

The Grand Chapter Meeting & Conclave is a biennial (odd numbered years) meeting and celebration for all members of the fraternity. The location changes every time the event is held. The web brand for this event is KappaConclave.com.
Grand Chapter Meetings and Conclaves feature a host chapter and city that welcome more than 3000 registerants, plus 10,000 additional unregistered brothers, friends and family members

National Founders' Day biennial

National Founders' Day is the Grand Chapter hosted celebration of the founding of Kappa Alpha Psi. This event is held biennially (even numbered years) at a different location and open to all members of the fraternity. In addition Undergraduate Leadership Institute Events are held during this weekend.

Building the Dream Classic annual

The Building the Dream Classic is a golf tournment is a major fundraising and networking event for the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation. This event is also referred to informally as The Kappa Klassik. You can find updates regarding this event on The Kappa Klassic.

Province Events

Each and every province is required to host one of the following events every year and every active chapter in that province is required to attend.

C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conferences annual

Each and every province of Kappa Alpha Psi hosts a C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference (CRWLC) during the fall semester of the standard college academic year. The CRWLCs are focused on leadership opportunities for

Province Council Meetings annual

Province Council Meetings (Province Council or PC) are the legislative and award conferences held by each Province during the spring semester of the standard college academic year.

Regional Polemarch's Roundtables annual

These are officer orientation and training conferences hosted by regional boards in provinces to support chapter operations on an annual basis. Attendance is mandatory for chapter Polemarchs, Vice Polemarchs and undergraduate chapter advisors.

Editorial Calendar

Kappa Alpha Psi distributes publications to financially supporting members in the form of the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal. In addition, IHQ distributes information via an email distribution list containing 100,000 plus duly initiated members.

Kappa Alpha Psi Journal annual

Kappa Alpha Psi publishes our official periodical, the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal that circulates to over 27,000 financial members. These members are college men who are engaged in every field of human endeavor.

Kappa Alpha Psi Journal is published quarterly and is circulated to 26000 members and their households every year.

Mailing List

International headquarters circulates announcements and gneral information to 30,0000 email addresses of initated members.